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Tenga 3D Zen

38.8 $38.80

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Gentle sensation inspired by Zen garden.

A soothing form of releaf

Fine ribs are engraved around its surface. The delicate flows that climb these walls combine to create an intertwining sensation. Envelop yourself with this smooth stroking stimulus.

Imagine how the exterior structure can stimulate you when it is inverted for insertion!

Tenga 3D series looks like interior items but their exterior sculptures can be inverted to make you feel good in different ways depending on which external design you are picking up. You can re-invert them in your cleaning and thus they are also good for drying and hygiene.

A must-have for those who seek a gentle sensation.

Sculpted Ecstacy

tenga 3d series

Internal details within devices of the past have only ever held the purpose of providing stimulation. With the process of Reversing -> Washing -> Drying however, the exposed internal details are also in fact the external design.

The instant this perspective is realized, the fusion of stimulating textures and structural beauty becomes the ideal in the pursuit of the pinnacle of masturbation.

Tenga 3D
Reversal of converntion - "Sculpted Exstasy"

Tenga 3D FAQ

Q : Are the TENGA 3D Series reusable?
A : If you wash both sides, this product can be re-used.
Proper maintenance will give the TENGA 3D up to 50 times so please try out our various lubricants.
*Re-usage limit may differ according to methods of use.

Q : Are the TENGA 3D Series electronic?
A : No. Please use the products manually.

Q : Is there lube included with the product?.
A : There is a one-use amount of Hole Lotion Real [Red] enclosed with the product.
We recommend this lubricant for use with the TENGA 3D.
*You may also use any other TENGA Lotion to lubricate the product.

Q : Where should I apply the lube?
A : Please lubricate the insertion hole and the insides of the product.

Q : There was a black plastic disk when I opened the product, what is this?
A : The disk is a Transport Anchor, please dispose of it. Please also dispose of the polystyrene wrapped around the Stand as it is also a Transport Anchor.

Q : How should I wash this product?
A : - How to Wash -
While inverting the TENGA 3D under running water, please wash off all remaining liquid.
You may use body soap but please refrain from using any soap with high acid or alkaline content as they may erode the elastomeric material.
- How to Dry -
Please wipe off any excess water from both sides of the product and stand the TENGA 3D - details facing out - half-way along the Stand to dry.
- How to Store -
Once dry, place the TENGA 3D all the way down the Stand and place the Cover. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Q : Can I use the reverse side?
A : Please do not use the reverse side as it is not designed for this purpose.

Q : Can I cool the product in a refrigerator before use?
A : Both refrigeration and freezing of the product are causes of degradation of the product, please do not cool the product. Store at room temperature.

Q : When I opened the product, there was white powder around the product, is it defective?
A : This is just powder finish of the product exterior. This has no effect on the quality of the product.

Q : There are different designs - what are the differences between them?
A : As the TENGA 3D is inverted upon use, each different design creates a different sensation. Please choose the one which most suits you.

Q : How do I use the Tray?
A : If you stand the elastomeric gel on the tray, you may free your hands to wipe off any remaining lubricant from your body.

Q : Please tell me the insertion size and properties of the TENGA 3D Series.
A : Stretchable Material - below sizes are minimum sizes.

Size:Approx. 40(W) × 130(H) mm, 272g

Insertion Depth: Approx. 13cm*
Insertion Width: Approx. 4cm*
Sample Lubricant Included
*Product stretches to accommodate almost any size.

Q : What are the TENGA 3D Series products made from?
A : Tray & Stand: ABS
Internal Sleeve: Ag Antibacterial
Lubricants: See Hole Lotion Real Page.

Customer Reviews

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Easy to grip Review by Zenith
Compared to Tenga Flip, 3D smells less siliconish, lighter in weight.
Touching quality is also good.
Furthermore, much easier to clean and this makes this product my favorite.
This is for daily use, I think. (Posted on 6/26/2015)

1 Item(s)

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