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Tenga Air-Tech Reusable Vacuum Cup - Strong

S$38.80 S$49.80

Availability: In stock

Firmer Material for Vivid Stimulation!

Firmer Material for Vivid Stimulation!!

TENGA has improved upon their famous CUP Style with the new AIR-TECH Reusable Vacuum CUP – now with a removable sleeve for cleaning! Also featuring an all-new airflow structure for boosted Vacuum Suction Sensation!

  • - Wow! tight, vigorous experience

  • - More the ridges and ribs with the material firmer for a stronger stimulation

  • - Air-Tech's airflow structure allows air flow freely through the item for maximum vacuum suction!

  • - Air-Cushion Technology provides delightful feed back upon insertion for a stimulating feeling without the need for internal foam!

  • - Reusable simply remove the sleeve and wash!

  • - A sample Hole Lotion Real is included!

Reusable Strong Cup!

Discover the Sensation of tight feeling!

The STRONG is for those who enjoy encasing themselves in a tight, vigorous experience. Not only is the material firmer for a stronger stimulation, the ridges and ribs are all more pronounced for a dynamic sensation!

Are the TENGA AIR-TECH Series reusable?

Yes, the AIR-TECH Series is reusable!
Reusability may vary according to methods and strength of use, cleaning, storage and maintenance. Please ensure to wash with cold/tepid water and store in a cool, dry, dark place.

Is the TENGA AIR-TECH Series electronic?

No. Please use the products manually. Please check Flip ZERO EV (Electronic Vibration) if you like electronic product.

What are the differences between the White, Red, Black and Silver AIR-TECHs?

The White, Red and Black differ in intensity of experience through material firmness and internal structure, and the Silver ULTRA is 1.2 times larger than the others.
GENTLE (White) - Smoother internal structure for a soft sensation.
REGULAR (Red) - Similar to our Red CUP Series, this is the standard stimulation strength.
STRONG (Black) - The material is firmest of the three, along with dynamic internal detailing for a strong sensation.
ULTRA (Silver) - With a case and internal gel 1.2 times bigger than its brothers, the Ultra also has more pronounced bumps and ridges for stimulation.

What is the different between the TENGA CUP Series and TENGA AIR-TECH Series?

Think of the AIR-TECH Series as the CUP Series’ reusable cousin. The AIR-TECHs are reusable, have stronger vacuum strength thanks to their airflow structure and a new air-cushion system!

Does that mean the AIR-TECH Series is better than the CUP Series?

Not exactly. While being reusable is great, the hygiene of a one-use item is not to be set aside. The CUPs also come in a variety of forms that each provide a different function such as a malleable case, double insertion points, etc. Check out what the CUPs have to offer here – they’re also lower in price!

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